About Towell-TAKE solutions LLC

Towell –take Solutions LLC, a take Solutions Ltd and W J Towell Company LLC Joint Venture, brings together a Deep Domain Knowledge focusing on providing Solutions centered around Automated Data Capture based on Barcode and RFID Technology. In addition it blends its intimate knowledge of the Vertical to offer TIMICS ERP, Supply Chain Management, Business Process Management, and Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

Objective of ATMS

• Registration Of Assets across all Offices
• Labeling the Assets with Barcode or RFID tags
• To have a control of all Assets present
• To have a record of the Asset Allocation right down to the custodian and cost centers.
• To have a record of Assets which are under Warranty period.
• To have a record of the Assets being sent out of the premises for Maintenance Purposes.
• Rerecord of Assets being transferred between custodians
• Prioritizing services as per the nature of the calls
• Scheduling and assigning service calls to the technical support team
• Maintaining logs of the services by the service engineer, Asset and location.

ATMS Modules

• Physical Receipt of items
• Asset Creation and Tag printing
• Transfer of Assets
• Asset inventory
• Annual Maintenance Contract

• Loan in and Loan out of assets
• Service centres Roles
• Request of Service/Support
• Repair and Maintenance

Transactional and MIS Reports

• Employee asset assignment
• Asset Verification Report
• Asset Issue Report
• Transfer Assets Based On Date, Location, Department or Employee
• Asset Details Report ( All Assets Category)
• Asset Warranty Report
• Pending services
• Completed calls Report
• Asset accepted for service Report
• Asset retuned after service report
• Service Log Report
• On-loan Asset etc
• Asset Disposal/Cancellation Report
• Asset on Repairs by company……………

Solution Extendibility

ATMS can be integrated to any ERP/FAS to track the inbound of assts at the time of physical receipts or outbound at the time of Disposal or auctions
This solution is also compatible with intermec’s passive RFID technology
Communication between the central data base and the Hand Held Terminals could be wired or Wireless
Document and real time images can be captures and stored in the system with the help for the Imager and High resolution cameras in the HHT

Solution Components

Completely WEB-based & Bilingual user friendly Solution works on a standalone or ERP/FAS Integrated mode. Solution is compatible with oracle or MS SQL Server.

HHT module of the solutions that is completely integrated to the ATMS back office application developed for Windows mobile platform on Dot.Net. Compatible on data capture and Wi-Fi data transfer

Built on a robust architecture Latest generation of imaging technology for outstanding scanning WM 6.1, 802.11 radio, Imager, touch screen etc. RFID enabled via snap-on reader handle

User friendly design with simple one-button operation Interchangeable print head provides choice of 203 or 300 dpi print resolution