RoutePro Windows

ROUTEPRO FOR WINDOWS RoutePro assists sales personnel in having access to a powerful, integrated customer management and mobility software platform that uses Direct Store Delivery to increase product sales, enhance delivery and ultimately, helps organizations achieve high performance RoutePro supports retail functions such as Presales, Spot-sales, direct store delivery, merchandizing and order taking delivering visibility through rugged devices. RoutePro is designed for off-line or online usage with data synchronization capabilities that enable field level data to be replicated to ease the exchange of information with the central control point or office as and when required. RoutePro Direct Store Delivery has been configured with flexibility in mind to suit the needs of diverse organizations

Route Pro NxG on Android & iOS

Mirnah’s Route Accounting product, RoutePro NxG on smart devices running Android & iOS operating systems combined with mobile printing with Honeywell’s range 0f receipt printers, drivers can skip the pen-and-paper routine and print everything from orders to delivery receipts, invoices and other documentation needed by the customer right on the spot. The Smart device automatically captures all transaction data, which can be instantly uploaded to a central database or stored for transfer at day’s end. Automating every step eliminates mistake-prone, time-wasting manual tasks, leaving time for more productive work. Drivers can make more deliveries during the day or spend more quality time with customers

Solution Extendibility

RoutePro can be integrated to any ERP to get all master list and to post all transacations (Invoice, Receipt etc.)