We at TTS have variety of products and services that suits different customers such as ERP, Enterprise Mobility solutions, voice recognition and turnkey solutions to suit individual organizations needs. In the services section, we do complete infrastructure services such as hardware support.

In order to cope with competition we do the following:
Putting ourselves in the customer's shoes:
Let the client Spend for only what he need:
Scalability and Support:

There are two ways to make our solutions relevant or suit them to market needs. First, by constantly visiting our current customers, identifying their pain areas and ultimately suggesting solutions to them. Second, looking into industry trends and technological development helps us to be creative in identifying a right solution for a particular customer.

We are the trendsetter in some of the niche areas where we have introduced the speech recognition system to Omani market and deployed a system for Census 2010 and similar systems are targeted for education sector down from registering up to the acceptance all through voice recognition systems. TTS has rolled out the largest Enterprise mobility installation in the entire sultanate for is prestigious clients like OIFC and ONEIC by partnering itself with INTERMEC technologies. In this regard, we are planning to launch our latest product which is called Take Business Cloud it has been launched in USA and India already and have a some clients.

We are known to be an Enterprise Mobility Leader and we are planning to retain the leadership position in future and the most important methodology that we follow to retain our leadership position is to keep our existing clients 100% happy and satisfied with our solutions and services. Oman being country of great fortunes remains completed interlinked there is nothing beyond client reference is this part of the word

We at TTS work hand to hand with each other and work as one team in spite of having different department. We complement each other but at the same time work in absolute Synchronization. There are frequent management meeting where we follow-up on our goals and objectives as well as intradepartmental meeting for brainstorming for new ideas. Every decision that is taken will be after a collective opinion.