Asset Tracking & Maintenance System(ATMS)

ATMS Today information is power. You need to know exactly what you have, and accurately track it for depreciation, and other important factors, Lost, stolen, or misplaced assets can mean the difference between success and failure. Once ATMS is fully populated with the asset are and locatin you'll always know where your assets and how long they've been there

Warehouse Inventory Control System(Wics)

WICS enables the organization to execute the Warehousing activity in an automated manner. WICS also helps the Warehouse in-charge in executing his day to day activity n an efficient and trouble free manner. It reduces the work load by easy capturing of information using the state of the art technology. WICS avoids the inadvertent manual error which will cause due to high volume of transactions / work pressure.


TIMICS NXG is a bilingual and Web based ERP System with a customer base of more than 40 installations in the Sultanate. It comprises functional modules.

TIMICS NXG is not just a stadalone ERP but could be integrated to any 3rd party softwares like Time and Attendance System, Asset Tracking,Warehouse and Inventory Control System.

Utility Meter Reading System (UMRS)

UMR Since rapid urbanization human society has to be complemented by the innovative changesin technology in this fast moving world, gathering of information accurately and on time is a key factor on any business growth and technology plays avtal role on this. UMR data collection can capture accurate information and with GPS coordinates and pass the same via GRPS seamlessly.

Survey & Inspection System

HIS Commercial shop visits can be streamlined on a monthly, weekly or daily basis and avoid creating havoc and round trips. You can generate valuable reports based on violations and fines imposed on the commercial shops. The obvious benefit of the system is that you can issue a fine and print a receipt and give it out on the spot to the shop.


> Automate your procure-to-pay processes
> Accelerate order-to-cash cycles for your suppliers
> Control and Track shipments, and packages, from suppliers
> Synchronize demand, inventory and procurement functions to a responsive and lean model
> Comply with corporate policies and statutory requirements across supply chain transactions
> Enable an analytics-driven continuous improvement model

Take's Cloud

- Modern foundation for secure and scalable business
• Online backup , document storage and single repository for business continuity
• Add users, modules and business packs like CRM, SCM, ERP, HRM, BI as your business grows
- Communicate and Collaborate in real-time
• Mail, Chat , tasks ,calendar, contacts , photos, videos, presentation , mobility and website
- Enable online commerce to increase revenue
• Online market place, online marketing, mass mailing, cataloging and shopping cart
-Leverage social concepts for establishing strong customer connections
• Private twitter, management perspectives(blogs), Integration to social networks , Feedbacks, self service knowledge base, customer communities and help desk
-Business intelligence to be a customer responsive organization
• Online sentiment, crowd source inputs , site analytics

Take's Insight

• Measures • Information generated through Business documents • Simple / Complex…(sales order value, volume…) • Dimensions • Reference documents / Masters • Time, geography, product, Organization… • Metrics (measures by dimensions) • Convert & Communicate complex corporate data into a meaningful display of charts, graphs, gauges and other formats concurrently
• Perform Root-Cause analysis to reach the core of a specific problem
• Ensure safe & secure access to critical data through role based access
• Monitor Performance of Critical areas in your supply chain any time, any where on the web
• Review, Analyze and act in real time
• Lead up to Planning various business initiatives, turning Data in to action
• Align strategy across the enterprise & beyond

Simply Speak

Your customers can now make inquiries or transactions over the phone by simply speaking their requests. There is no need anymore to press buttons or wait for a live agent to become available. Simply Speak! allows businesses to Automate Transactions Eliminate Customer Frustration