Our Sales Force Automation Application helps Organizations in various verticals like CPG, Food and Beverages and other trading establishments perform sales and distribution with finesse and efficacy. It  helps our customers execute their Sales, Inventory Distribution, Merchandising and Order Management processes using Handheld Devices.

Some of the features of our Sales Force Automation are:

With our Track record for delivering a proven solution in Sales Force Automation, our application extends its customer management and mobility capabilities to incorporate Sales & Distribution. We offer a complete solution comprising of our application alongwith Rugged Mobile Computers and Mobile Printers tailored to the demands of the Consumer Goods Industry.

Hybrid Software that covers Pre-Sales, Route-Sales, and Route-Delivery Operations
Full audit and immediate Route Settlement transactions possible on the Mobile Handheld devices.
Extensive-promotional capabilities that suits the most complicated business operations.
Route mapping, Route Sequencing, Route planning and control by utilizing the Global Positioning System (GPS).
Advanced Representation of Sales History.
Advanced AR functionalities
Full Credit Control
Full inventory control
Advanced customer ordering and invoicing
Informative Reports by Route, Item, or Customer

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